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Paolo has started cracking up when someone talks to him, and it is the most adorable thing ever; you can see him here.

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Yesterday we drove down to the Temecula Valley for a day of wine tasting.  I had no idea how gorgeous Temecula is.  With the rolling hills and beautiful vineyards, it was even slightly reminiscent of Italia.  The drive was not too far, about an  hour and half south, which was manageable with the baby. Lucky for us, the car usually puts him right to sleep.

We stopped at two vineyards:  Ponte Winery and Leonesse Cellars.  At the Leonesse Cellars, we did the full formal wine tasting.  While the grounds were gorgeous, the wine was a bit disappointing. It was not bad, but the wine was kind of bland.  The scent of the wine was definitely more exciting than the taste, although the 2007 Syrah was by far my favorite.   But then again, I am not exactly an expert.  I’ll take a simple Chianti any day over a fancy bottle.


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