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To infinity… and beyond

This morning, while running errands at Target, we passed through the toy aisle at Target.  Lucky for Paolo, the toys were on clearance. So for $8, I picked him up a fancy Buzz Lightyear laptop computer. (It even has a mouse!)  It is great. There is a full keyboard and screen. And this little nifty toy talks and lights up.  I’ve tricked Paolo into thinking it is a REAL, GROWN-UP computer.  So maybe he’ll stop attacking my laptop every time I try use it now that he’s got his own.  Or I can hope.

Either way, he looks pretty cute when he plays with it.  (Who cares if the recommended age is 5 years old…it’s keeping my 1-year-old entertained!)


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Deceptively cute

Target is probably one of my favorite stores. It is super convenient and it has almost everything; and everything is so darned cute.  Last week, all three of us stopped by our local store to complete a list of errands.  As I wanted a one-stop-shopping experience, I decided to cram in everything on my list at Target. Which included buying more diapers.  Personally, I prefer the Costco brand of diapers. Cheesy, I know,  but they are my favorite. They don’t leak. I have tried everything – all the big names – and Kirkland has won a spot in my heart. But I digress.

So, as opposed to making another stop at Costco, which is always FRANTIC on the weekends, I strolled over to the diaper aisle at Target.  I was perusing the usual selection of diapers, trying to decide what could hold us over until we our next stop at Costco.  This is terrible to admit, but I despise cartoon characters on baby clothes.  I know babies and toddlers like cartoons, but on their clothing?  Please.  They are too little to know the difference, and I prefer to avoid this trend until the child starts asking for cartoon-riddled clothing and accessories.  I believe the same should go for diapers.  All the diapers in that aisle were COVERED in tacky cartoons. Yuck.  Tackety tack tack.  But then I noticed the Target brand of size 3 diapers. They were adorable.  Simple, with large green and blue dots.  I had never seen a cuter box o’ diapers in my life.  So I snatched up a large box and off we went.  I was so excited about the modern, fashionable diapers. Until the next morning.

Paolo woke up absolutely soaked.  The adorable diapers (or diapies, as we call them at home) were not so good at doing their job. It is like they repel the pee instead of soak it up.  I thought it was a fluke, so I tried another one.  I was holding Paolino on my hip and he peed on me.  Not in the diaper, but on me. Like he wasn’t even wearing one.   I usually don’t like to complain about products, but these are the absolute worst diapers ever.  They are non-diapers. And deceptively cute.


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