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My sister-in-law, Cristiana, snapped these photos of Paolino while she was in London and we were here, in the heartland of the USA.  Isn’t Skype amazing?

Our family is pretty much spread out all over the globe. My parents live in Hawaii, which is exactly 12 time zones away from Giuseppe’s parents, who live in Naples, Italy.  My baby brother still lives with my parents (he’s 14) and so does Giuseppe’s (he’s 17).  My other brother lives in the glorious city of San Diego, and Giuseppe’s sister lives in the gorgeous city of London.  Then, there are all of the extended relatives.  (My parents both come from families with 9 children each; Giuseppe’s parents have 7 siblings total.)  So you can imagine the chaos when trying to organize family reunions…or even telephone calls.

Oh the glory of videochat. We are absolutely addicted to it. Paolo even loves it. How many 6-month-olds do you know who recognize the ringing sound that Skype makes? Mine sure does. He starts to wave his arms and legs around when he hears it.  Then the drooling and giggling starts when he hears one of his grandparents’ voices.

Having this kind of technology at our fingertips has been a true blessing.  While our families are all spread out, we can still retain the close relationships similar to those  families who live in close proximity to one another.  Granted, it is different from actually being with that family member; but it is amazing to be able to virtually talk to them in person.

This all makes me think back to my experience, being the daughter of a naval officer and always living far from our relatives.  It was hard to be away, but at the same time, it made me appreciate the time that I spent with my relatives on special occasions.  When I compare this to the experience of my child, it is incredible.  I know that he will value beyond measure the time that he will pass with his relatives, but being able to keep those relationships fresh via videochat is simply amazing.  I know that our parents love being able to watch him grow, even when they live across the planet.  Technology today is truly amazing.  (Should I say ‘amazing’ one more time…? I really think Skype is AMAZING.)


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Sunday funday

I have a renewed love for the weekend now that I am back to work full time, and now that Giuseppe is not working every Sunday. It is a blessing to wake up not by an alarm, but instead by Paolo’s cooing.  On Sunday, I woke up with Paolo staring right at me with giant smile on his face.  Paolo is still sleeping in our bed, and it is a panino o’ Paolo, because he sleeps snuggled between the two of us.  I love Sundays.

After we all woke up, Giuseppe and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast consisting primarily of caffe’ lattes.  Which I love so much.  I had lost the habit of making caffe’ italiano every morning, but since Lidia stayed with us last month, she reignited my love of caffe’ lattes.  After our glorious family time, we left the house for San Diego, for a trip to the zoo.

The zoo. The San Diego Zoo is one of Giuseppe’s favorite places, ever.  He loooves it.  We walked the entire zoo, visiting some places more than once. I think we saw every single animal, and then some twice.  (It was a much needed work-out for me; my legs were even sore on Monday.)  Zack came to meet us and so did our dear family friend, Dora. It was so nice to relax and spend the entire day outside.

After the zoo, we met up with some great friends from Europe at Bruno’s Pizzeria Napoletano.  (Note that the name is grammatically incorrect in Italian…It should be Bruno’s Pizzeria Napoletana.  Despite this glaring American take on Italian, the restaurant was quite delicious.)  We had no idea that there was an authentic Napoletana pizzeria in San Diego!   It was delicious; we were duly impressed.  (Zack, you have to stop by for a pizza this week. Take a picture and send it to us!)  So we enjoyed a delectable dinner.  It was a great ending to our Sunday funday.  I love Sundays.


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