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On Our Mommyhood today: On having a techie toddler

Good morning all. Please stop over to Our Mommyhood to read my take on having a techie toodler.

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Today on Our Mommyhood

Today on Our Mommyhood, I talk a little about the Italian tradition of the Feast of the Epiphany and La Befana….Which we will celebrate in two days.

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On raising a bilingual baby: Our Mommyhood


Yesterday Our Mommyhood published my post on our little Italian-American family culture; hear my take on raising a bilingual baby.


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Our Mommyhood: Mommy Must-Have

Please stop by Our Mommyhood this morning; I’ve published an article on quick-n-easy beautification.

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Our Mommyhood: Int’l Travel

So our flight to Italy was not exactly the smoothest or most relaxing trip…read about it today at Our Mommyhood.  I think I’m ready to laugh about it now.

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On Italian Grannies: Our Mommyhood

Ciao tutti! Today I’ve published on article on Our Mommyhood. Please drop by to read it and share your thoughts…

And! I’m now a ‘Staff Writer’ at Our Mommyhood!  So excited! Stay tuned for more fun articles.


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A baby for every state

I would like to introduce you all to Liz, author of a belle, a bean & a chicago dog and Editor of Our Mommyhood.  She and I have decided to guest blog for one another, which means you can find me on her blog today.  Enjoy!


Greetings, baby&sofia fans!  My name is Liz, I write at a belle, a bean & a chicago dog, and I’m a bloggy friend of Brook’s.  She and I “met” months ago and have bonded over our penchant for relocation.  Now, I haven’t had the international adventures like Brook, but my husband and I made 3 interstate moves over a 5 year period.  From Chicago to Memphis, TN…Memphis, TN to Nashua, NH…and Nashua, NH back to Memphis, TN.

The name of my blog is actually tied to our relocations.  Kate is our Memphis Belle, due to the place of her birth.  Madelyn was born when we lived about 40 minutes outside of Boston, making her our Boston Baked Bean.  And Jack, our Cockerspaniel, is our hometown boy!

Let me just say that never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine leaving Chicago!  And if I would have been asked to list any places where I’d like to move, neither Tennessee nor New Hampshire would have been on my list.

But relocation has been such a great experience; the best way to describe it is as “an adventure.”

Our adventure started off as just the 2 of us, carving out a life together.  Craig moved into an outside sales position with his company, and that’s what led us to the Home of the Blues & the Birthplace of Rock N Roll.  Neither of us had even visited Memphis before our flight down here to search for a place to live.

When you move to a completely new area, you might as well be a tourist.  You spend hours researching it on the internet before you depart, you don’t know how to find your way around once you land there, and you’re strangely excited to see stores and restaurants that are the same as where you’ve moving from.

Yes, places like Home Depot and Olive Garden gave us the warm and fuzzies.

The exhilarating part comes in when you realize it’s just the 2 of you, against the world.  It is up to you to make this new place your home, to form a new social circle, to discover your new favorite places to eat and shop, and to make this new town work for you and your new life.

But then you go and have kids.

And they make things like living 500 miles away from any and all family, that much trickier.

That, and future relocations trickier, too.

But the adventure continues…

We relocated for the second time when Kate was 15 months old.  We moved out of a brand new house we had built… and into a 30-year-old house that was a total gut job.

We again started our lives over with friends and doctors and Targets and fabulous Mexican take-out.

We learned our way around (Well, by sight.  When you move as much as we do, I’ve come to realize there’s no point in learning street names; landmarks will do just fine).

We remodeled a 2,200 sq foot house, got pregnant and had a baby in the 17 months we lived there.

We also learned that there are no guarantees about tomorrow, and to “never say never.”

With a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears (and LOTS of money) invested, we left our house in NH as a new family of four, and headed back to TN.

I was too pregnant to fly when it came time for house hunting, so that meant me giving the OK to Craig to buy our current house sight unseen by me.

But the good thing about this relocation was the feeling of ‘coming home’.  Chicago will forever be our home, but all the work we did to make friends and find wonderful doctors and learn our way around was not lost with this move.

We are happy to be back in familiar surroundings, and building new memories with old friends.

I can’t say this was our last move, but I think we’ll stay put here for a little while and, as my friend likes to say, “Bloom where we are planted!”


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