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So, yes, I am (well I guess at this point the correct verb is was) a huge Lost fan. I loved all of it. The suspense, the characters, the magic, the setting.  So whenever I am in Hawaii and see a Lost landmark, I morph into  a “Lostie.” You know, one of those people who love TV trivia.

I know, I probably shouldn’t be putting this out there, but I just loved Lost!

Last month when I was in Hawaii, we passed this particular marina where the Searcher is moored every time we went to Honolulu.  You know, Penny’s ship that was searching for Desmond.  I finally stopped and had a ‘photo shoot’ with the boat.  It was fun, I mean it’s from Lost!

We had an elaborate plan in which my brother Zack was going to write “NOT PENNY’S BOAT” on his hand and we were going to take a photo of him under water. Just like when Charlie was about to drown and he discovered that it wasn’t Penny’s boat coming to rescue them….

We never followed through on our plan.  Maybe next time I’m there we will.  A Lost photo montage would be fun!


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