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It’s time to paint; I’m feeling inspired

I’ve been feeling inspired lately. Inspired to refinish some of the furniture in our home. I think I’m going to refinish the dresser in my bedroom and repaint our dining room table/chairs and possibly my desk.

I’ve been browsing interior design blogs and found these images from Dreamy Whites and ohdeedoh. How inspiring are these gorgeous rooms?

Okay,  now I’ve put it out there. Let’s see if I can carry this inspiration into action.


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Night in the Nursery No. 2

Paolo woke up at 1:30am last night with a low fever.  So there hasn’t  been much of sleeping anywhere except in my arms.  He’s still not feeling well, poor baby.

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I knew we decorated the nursery for a reason

When I was preggers, Decorating The Nursery was one of my Top Priorities.  I was very specific and painstakingly picked out the furniture, linens, curtains, diaper pail, rug, and you get the idea.  What first time mother isn’t obsessed with the first nursery?  I ordered a  gorgeous white-and-wood convertible crib and dresser/changer.  (I blogged that whole debacle here, here, and here.) I chose blue and white linens with a striped/nautical theme. Attached to his crib is a darling sailboat mobile.  I hung my little brother’s gorgeous sailboat quilt on wall near the crib.  I love my, ahem, I mean Paolo’s, nursery.

When I was preggers, I firmly believed that my baby would sleep in his nursery. After the first couple weeks of sleeping in his bassinet in our room, I would smoothly transition him to his room.

Hah. Or so I thought. We instead quickly became those parents. You know, those co-sleeping, breaking-all-the-rules-parents.  Paolo usually started the night off in his bassinet, but always woke up in our bed.   I mean, I am a full-time nurser and I don’t believe in letting my little guy cry it out.  (Again, yes, I am that mother.)  And breastfeeding plus not-letting-him-cry-it-out equals co-sleeping.   Which in turn means no use for the nursery.

But then, last night happened: Another momentous day in the Dell’Anna Family History.  Last night Paolo slept in his crib. Yes, his crib, in his nursery. Not our room.

What changed my ways after nine months of co-sleeping, you ask?

Well, we have been traveling a lot and Paolo has been sleeping a little.  After a talk with his pediatrician, I decided that maybe it was time to let him sleep in his crib, thinking he may sleep better with his own space.  It worked.  I fed him a lot, put him down around 9pm and he didn’t wake up until 4:45am.

It was incredible. I had the baby monitor on the pillow next to my ear, but I still got up to check on him about, oh, every hour.  And he didn’t wake up until almost 5am!   He got a lot of sleep, but I didn’t, what with the shuffling back and forth from the nursery to my bed to check on him constantly.

Paolo’s in his crib as I write this, fast asleep. While I am happy that he is getting a full night’s rest, and the hubs is grateful for the extra space in the bed, it has been hard having him in the other room.  For nine months he’s been in here with us, and now he’s so big and in his room.

We’ll see how Night in the Nursery No. 2 goes.


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On my day off, we went to Babies-R-Us.  Which is my favorite store. Lucky for Giuseppe, I did not discover how delightful it is until I was nine months pregnant.  Imagine the damage I could have done to the limited space in our home and to our bank account had I been in their any earlier, with all of the nesting that was going on.

So, at Babies-R-Us, I wanted to, obviously, purchase the entire store. But I didn’t. I managed to refrain.  Instead I bought a big new Baby Einstein Activity Center for Paolo.  He love love loves it.  He squeals and coos and bangs on everything.  He is so over being reclined in his infant seat or swing during playtime, so this is perfect because he can “stand” up and play. And he can spin around and look at what’s going on all over the room.  It’s four-month-old baby heaven.


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