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Uncle Justin

So my mom and my littlest brother, Justin, left yesterday.  They had spent the month traveling around the Mainland. (No, they haven’t renamed the country after themselves, they’ve just adopted the Hawaiian name of the continental US.)

They flew from Hawaii to Texas (for a wedding) to Minneapolis (for a layover) to Virginia Beach (for a reunion) and then back to Minneapolis. I picked them up in Minneapolis and we drove up North to visit my Grandma and a slew of relatives.  Next we drove back down to Ames, where Mom stayed for 3 days before she drove down to Kansas City for a work conference. Then she drove back up for the remaining 3 days of her trip to stay with us in Ames. So yesterday they flew back to Hawaii.

It sounds tiring just reading about it, doesn’t it?  It was.

But it was really fun, too. Mom was thrilled to spend time Paolo.  (I think she was happy to see us, too.) And it was so great to see Justin.  Paolo looooves Justin.  He’s already bored of just me.  They are buddies.


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