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I have been inspired to return from my hiatus from blogging.  Since Paolo has been born, my absolute favorite thing to do is anything that involves snuggling/playing/talking with him.  (Please notice that laundry, house cleaning, shopping, cooking, or blogging are not on that list.  Although, lucky for Giuseppe I still fit them in every once in a while…)

So that is basically all I have been doing for the past 16 weeks.  Well, not if you count each Monday and Wednesday in January, as I was back to work those days, or EVERY day this week: That’s right, I went back to work full time this month.  I know FULL TIME.  FULL TIME. One more time: FULL TIME.  I always knew that I would want to continue to work when I had babies and I knew it would be hard, but whoa.  Leaving my little one has been incredibly treacherous.  Although, I should preface this with the fact that I have been truly enjoying my job and am happy to be there when I arrive.  (AND! They let me take breaks to PUMP at work!  I am so happy that I don’t have to put Paolo on formula!  GO TEAM BREASTMILK!) All the same, saying good bye to my little schnuggly man  is not, hmm how do I put this….easy.  We’ll leave it at that.

The state of California has helped with our transition of me going back to work.  (Yes, it’ s been a transition for all of us, Sofia included.)  On Monday, Giuseppe began his six weeks of Paid Family Leave for Bonding Time.

Which. Is. Fabulous.

So, instead of having to leave the baby with a nanny right away, Paolo can stay home with his Papa’.  Which actually is working out great.  (Except for the very beginning, when I was working part time, and Giuseppe would call and put me on speaker phone to calm down the baby.  Let’s just ponder how that made me feel….Not one little bit guilty. Ha.)  But things have been going very well; Giuseppe is a natural.  Have you seen “Meet the Fockers”? You know that breast that Robert de Niro dons to feed his grandson to avoid nipple confusion? Giuseppe wants one.  Seriously.  (It turns out that Paolo does prefer breastfeeding; he’ll take the bottle, but only VERY grudgingly.)  How’s that for a fun photo. Giuseppe with a fake boob.

So, yes I am back from the blogging hiatus.  I have been inspired by other mommy-bloggers.

That, and I started this entire website as a sort of modern photo book.  This is something I that I want to keep, something I want to show my children as they grow.

So I am back.

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