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Indoor gardening

When we moved from Orange County, we gave away all of our house plants.  While I am a horrid gardener, I love plants. Succulents, mostly, because it is hard to kill them off. I hated giving away our plants, as they all had a special meaning for me.  There was the succulent that was the first houseplant we bought for our condo in Newport Beach.  The basil, oregano, and tomato plants that I used for fresh pasta sauce.  The money tree and jade plant that my dad bought for me for my baby shower.    The mini cactus garden that Giuseppe brought home for me when we moved to our apartment in Tustin, right before Paolo was born.  The aloe plant that my mom gave to me when she came to visit before the baby was born.

Since moving to IOWA, we haven’t yet really rebuilt our house plant inventory.  It’s not as easy to find succulents here, as they are not native to this climate.  I believe that having indoor green plants is very important for the air quality of our living space, so I have started my search for some new house plants. I looked at some local stores over the weekend, but wasn’t able to find anything that I wanted to purchase.  I was inspired to start researching on which plants were the best for indoor air purification, and wrote about it this morning on our Angelberry Organics website, here.

Our home doesn’t really boast a lot of direct sunlight. The apartment has a lot of natural light, but not exactly direct sunlight.  I have found that the best air purifying plants that also do not require direct sunlight seem to be ferns and dracaena.  I also really like bamboo and lilies, so I may try those out as well.  Hopefully I can keep them alive.

It looks like we may have to take a trip to the local gardening center today.


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