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On a date

We have started a weekly playdate with one of Paolo’s little girlfriends from our music class.  It is absolutely adorable.  Paolo love love loves having someone over to play.  Here he is posing for the camera during their first playdate last month.


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Shopping dates

Lots of moms take their babies on play dates.  Since Paolo is only eight months old, I am not yet technically obligated to do so. Instead, lately, I have been taking him on more fun dates, as in beach dates and shopping dates.  I mean, we are on a play date in spirit: getting out of the house, seeing other children, etc.

The other day I had some shopping to do here in the Land of Aloha, so I invited my dear friend Dania and her little man, Ryden. How cute are these two together? They are TOTALLY going to be buddies.


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