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Holy insomnia

I am not sure what is going on with me. I am absolutely exhausted. My baby is asleep. My husband is asleep. My dog is asleep. It is midnight and I am still AWAKE.

Why. Why. WHY.
Work will be really fun tomorrow.  And I will look really pretty with black circles under my eyes.
Valentines Day is on Sunday and usually by now I would have made several different themed cookies and cupcakes. But not this year. V-Day just snuck right up on me and I have not even made a single batch of pink frosting.  Oh the shame.
I love any holiday. And any good theme.  Especially Valentines Day.  It’s too bad I can’t dress Paolo up in a heart-themed outfit.  Our photographer was doing the most adorable Valentine-themed photo shoot for babies: Pink or white wings for the baby girls and black wings for the little gentlemen.  She dressed her son in a black KISS tee shirt with black wings.  The photos were so cute that I just wanted to pinch their cheeks. If P could sit up on his own, I would have already published the portraits all over the Internet. But, alas, he was still too little. Maybe next year.
Maybe it is time for me to put my overstimulated self to sleep.  
Ci sentiamo domani. Buona notte.

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