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Trifecta, part deux

So, the trifecta of crying just kept getting worse. My little man hasn’t been sleeping or eating much, and just has been all around miserable.  Last night when I was talking with my mom, she suggested that he may have an ear infection. Something that I did not want to believe: we’ve gone seven months sans sickness and I wanted to keep it up. Unfortunately, she was right.

I took Paolo into his pediatrician’s office this morning and we found that he indeed has an ear infection in his left ear and a sore throat. Which definitely explains his resistance to eating. Poor baby.  He’s been started on an antibiotics regimen and his spirits already were lifted this evening.

Right now he’s asleep in his swing at the foot of our bed.  Yes, we brought the swing into our bedroom so he could sleep in it.  He is too congested to sleep comfortably on his back, so the swing is the perfect set-up for him.  I hope that we can all sleep for more than three hours tonight.  We are all running on fumes, especially Giuseppe.  Paolo has been up every night crying, and, even though we leave the room, Giuseppe still wakes up.  And then goes into work at the hospital.

So, we have hit another milestone. On Wednesday, May 19th, Paolo was diagnosed with his first (and hopefully his only) ear infection.  Poor little baby.

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Since last night, Paolo has been fussing and complaining a lot. And with good reason. His teething is in full force, and he has a runny nose and watery eyes. As Natalie puts it, this is the TRIFECTA OF CRYING. I could not have put it better. So we have treated him with the trifecta of baby medicine: teething tablets, tylenol, and lullabies.

My poor baby has never been sick before and he is really not liking it one little bit. Last night, he was so tired and uncomfortable last that he fussed WHILE he was sleeping. And then I spent a lot of time last night singing “Hush Little Baby,” which is his favorite lullaby in English.  Because he is congested, nursing is difficult. So on top of it all, he’s kind of hungry.  Luckily I just got him down for a nap, which he sorely needed after being awake all night.  I suppose that is my cue to brush my teeth and make some coffee while I can!


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