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Paolo is a climber. I’ve mentioned this before. He likes to climb onto any and everything. It’s fine balance teaching him it’s okay to climb onto the recliner, sofa, or bed, but that’s not okay to climb on dangerous things. Like the credenza or onto the dining room table.  Last week, his new favorite climbing destination was into his jogging stroller, which we often have parked by the door, in the kitchen.

On Saturday morning, during breakfast, he was stealthily climbing into the jogger. Before we could catch him, he fell off before making it safely into the seat.  And onto the kitchen floor he went, banging the side of his head.  He immediately starting crying/screaming, but I was able to calm him down. Then he became sweaty and sleepy, which made me nervous. But the fall wasn’t from very high, so we watched him for a few minutes.  Exactly 15 minutes after he fell, he started vomiting.  So we dropped our breakfast and literally ran to the ER. (Still in our pajamas.)  The poor little guy kept throwing up in the car and wanted to take a nap, but I kept him awake.  Once at the hospital, I raced into the ER.  Luckily, we live in a small town and it was totally empty; we were seen immediately. Now he was still sleepy, but not throwing up.

The doctor examined him, and said it only looked like a mild concussion, but was worried by the drowsiness. So Paolo was taken to have a CT scan to check for any serious damage. Luckily, the scans were clean and we were sent home after a few hours, with specific instructions to not let him sleep for more than one hour without waking him up. And to return if any symptoms reappeared.

Thank goodness, he’s totally fine. But I must admit that I was pretty scared from the whole ordeal. And now the jogging stroller lives outside. For good.

And since Paolo throw up all over his pajamas, I had to strip him down at the hospital. All they had to give us was this gown for a 5-year-old. But he looked pretty cute in it, so we snapped a few photos.


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