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Buon giorno

Cornetto alla nutella + baby = good morning.

This morning I made fresh croissants, which we slathered in nutella.  Giuseppe and Paolo were giddy; I think they were both on a chocolate sugar high.  And I don’t know if Paolo’s high chair will ever be nutella-free again.

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Cookies are for desert, right? A yummy little treat to signal the end of an afternoon or evening meal.  Not in our house.  Italians are very particular about their palate for breakfast, and eat exclusively sweet foods in the morning.  Which usually means a cafe latte or hot chocolate with some sort of pastry. Every. Day.

Giuseppe is very picky about what he will eat for breakfast.  For him there are two food groups in the morning: cookies and cake.  He loathes anything slightly savory in the morning and routinely complains about how disgusting my breakfast choices are.  Since when are eggs and toast yucky in the morning?

So, yes, when we grocery shop, we have to visit the desert aisle for prepackaged cookies and sweet breads.  (It would be impossible to keep homemade cookies and cakes in the kitchen with the rate that Giuseppe consumes them.)  This morning he ate about six chocolate Florentine cookies with his cafe latte.

I, on the other hand, think that a good breakfast should be nutritious, with a mix of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein.  (Eggs, fruit, whole grains, etc.).  Giuseppe refuses to cooperate. I think this could potentially become a problem as our little guy grows up.   It will be a losing battle for me, on team nutrition.  What child will take his mother seriously about the importance of a healthy breakfast when his father is wolfing down chocolate chip cookies every morning?

At least I have a solid year before the battle begins.


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