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Unpacking still

Here we are on Friday, going through one of the last boxes. Yes, we are still unpacking and getting organized. It’s a slow process; especially when it is so much more fun to play with the baby!  This particular box was on the floor of the nursery; it came from the garage of our old place.  I realized it was filled with dishes that didn’t fit in my kitchen in California. Lucky for me, they fit in the kitchen here. But only because I have mad creative skills when it comes to moving into a place, thanks to my life as a Navy brat.  So Paolo was playing while I was finishing up the kitchen, and was so happy and cute that I couldn’t resist a snapshot.  (With my phone, unfortunately. Our camera is still on the ritz.)

It is already well known that I am a HUGE FAN of the Bumbo seat, and last week at Target, I found the most awesome accessory ever.  A tray that hooks onto the Bumbo so that Paolo can play with his toys while he’s in the Bumbo.  It’s perfect for cooking dinner.  Love it.

The Bumbo is definitely fantastic, but I am not sure how much longer we’ll need it: Paolo held himself up sitting for the first time on Saturday night! It was the most adorable thing ever; I think that he was more shocked than we were when he stayed sitting up all by himself!  He hasn’t done it again since, but I imagine there is more to come very soon!


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