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Black Friday

Before: A little Black Friday fun

After: Paolo is so over it

It’s been quite the week.

On Sunday night after making and freezing a sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving, I was felled with a horrible case of the flu. I kept putting off getting my flu shot this year, and oh boy did I just pay for it.  I felt like I was run over by a mack truck for two days.  Giuseppe had to work, so it was just me (barely alive) and Paolo. Thankfully, he seemed to understand that I was sick and was actually a really good boy.  Instead of being the crazy little toddler that he normally is, he played by himself in the living room while I was splayed on the sofa. And he took nice long naps with me, which was glorious.  Don’t worry, he’s back to his crazy little self now that I am back to the world of the living.

Then, on Wednesday, I was feeling more alive than dead, so I began preparing for Thanksgiving. I cooked a pecan pie, a pumpkin pie, and no-bake cookies, and then finished the shopping for Thursday.  Yesterday we had a few friends over for Thanksgiving dinner, which was really fun.  And it was the first time that I actually cooked the traditional meal.  Thanksgiving is usually vacation time for us (2004: trip to Tuscany, 2005: trip to Tuscany, 2006: trip to Paris, 2007: trip to Paris, 2008: parents visited us in California {my mom cooked!}, 2009: trip to Hawaii) so I had never subjected myself to the traditional cooking. I think it went okay, everything turned out pretty well!  At least, no one complained!

And then this morning, we did a little Black Friday shopping. Which is something that I had never, ever done before. Since we live in a small town, the shopping isn’t exactly swanky. We went to Target and bought a few stocking stuffers, and – drum roll, please – an XBOX Kinect.  It is awesome. I’ve never, ever purchased a video game before nor have we ever had one in our house. So this is a big step for us.  We bought it, obviously, for the Dance Central game.  And, yes, it really as much fun as it looks on the ads.  I am going to wrap the box and put it under the tree, as it is our gift to ourselves this Christmas.  (There was no way we could actually wait for Christmas.)

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