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Portraits: Paolo’s first birthday portrait session

If you know me, you know that I am a little obsessed with portraits. Yes, I’ve had Paolo’s portrait taken five times in his 12 months of life: at three weeks, three months, five months, nine months, and 12 months.  I may have a small problem.  And then, of course, we had our first family portrait taken last Thanksgiving, so this year’s is coming up again soon.  I may have a problem.

Here are a few of my favorites:

And then we had a little fun. I brought a chocolate birthday cake for Paolo to dig into.  He thought it was delicious.

My baby is one year old. How did that happen?


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Birthday bike

Watching “Signing Time” is way more fun this way. This bike is probably Paolo’s favorite new toy from his birthday. He vroom-vrooms it all over the apartment. Note the adorable football pajamas from Uncle Zack.


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We are back in IOWA

Yesterday afternoon we returned home from our glorious month in Italia.

Italia was filled with amazing meals, breathtaking panoramas, great friends, spectacular parties, and was so incredible that it felt like we there for about two whole days.  I can’t believe the trip is already over.  I’m still working on a travel journal; I’ve not yet decided if I will publish it here, but I will certainly be posting some photos in the near future.

When we walked out of the Des Moines airport yesterday, I was greeted by the most beautiful day I have ever experience in Iowa.  The sky was crystal-clear blue, the air crisp and cool.  Autumn arrived to Iowa while we were in Italy.  The past two days have been just absolutely beautiful.  Paolo and I have been busy trying to unpack our loads of luggage, getting the house back in order, and making some real meals for the hubs.  (Giuseppe actually did a fantastic job of keeping the house clean; but the refrigerator was barren, with only two beers and no food.) But we have been taking breaks to for walks outside. After such a scorchingly hot summer, any time outside at a comfortable temperature is absolutely heaven!  The gorgeousness of the weather is a definite plus.

We are still fighting jet-lag, which is a pain, but a small price for such a fabulous trip.  This week will be busy with party preparation: Paolo’s First Birthday Party “La Festa Italiana” is Saturday!  I’ll have to try to squeeze some time in for my blogging addiction, which I wholly neglected while I was traveling!

A presto!


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Tanti auguri a Giuseppe

Yesterday, April 30th, was Giuseppe’s birthday.  I know. Can you believe it? We practically share a birthday. At first it was romantic; now we just kind of steal each other’s birthday thunder.

Just kidding.  It’s pretty fun because we usually have a big party together.

Not this year, though.  It was another pretty regular day: Giuseppe went to the vet hospital while Paolo and I had an uneventful day, too.  Since we’ve just arrived to Ames, we don’t yet have any friends in town, which means no big parties.  Which is just fine; there is always next year!

So, instead, Paolo and I showed up at the vet hospital during lunch with some chocolate treats for Giuseppe to share.  I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting.  I found this yummy recipe for butter cream frosting here last week.  G was very happy: the treats were a hit.

When he returned home from the hospital, we had a romantic dinner at home.  All in all it was a very good day.

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Tanti auguri a me

Today is my birthday. It is true what they say; the older you become, the more quickly the birthdays arrive.  Cliche`, I know, but it feels like just last month I was celebrating my last birthday.  Last year on my birthday, I was still suffering from horrible morning sickness and was feeling pretty miserable most of the time, but Giuseppe brightened my day by sending an enormous arrangement of two dozen roses to my office. It was the sweetest, really.  (I still have the giant glass vase the flowers arrived in; I put some smooth stones on the bottom and now it is our umbrella holder next to the front door.)

This year is a little more relaxed.  Giuseppe woke me with my favorite thing, a piping hot caffe` latte.  I try to limit my caffeine intake, but those home-made caffe` lattes are just too delicious to give up completely.  Sometimes the small indulgences make all the difference in the world.

Here are my boys this morning before Giuseppe left for the veterinary hospital.  I’m a lucky woman.

But I digress. I was talking about my birthday today.  Since Giuseppe has to work, and I haven’t really had a chance to make any new friends here in Ames yet, I think Paolo and I are going to have a nice regular day.  We are going to go for a run, take care of some errands, and then I have some projects to work on here at home.  I think to celebrate we will probably go out for dinner this weekend.  I need to find a fun place here in Ames!

Yesterday was the third anniversary of our engagement. On April 27th, 2007, after night of dancing in the piazza of Pozzuoli, Giuseppe asked me to marry him and made me the happiest woman.  Shortly after, my mom and dear friend Abby hosted an unbelievable engagement party for us.  It was epic.  Abby and her hubby, Adam, lived in the most unbelievable flat down the street from us in Pozzuoli.  Let’s just say there were a lot of friends, music, dancing, prosecco, and red wine.  Here are a few pre-party snap shots:

It was an unbelievably fun night.  The party went off beautifully, and everyone danced for hours, which is my favorite.  (Thanks to Zack on iPod duty!)

Our engagement was basically a whirlwind. We were engaged on April 27th, celebrated at the engagement party a few weeks later, and then were married on June 29th.  It was a busy time, but so much fun.  We hired amazing photographers; here are a few photos from our engagement photo shoot in Sorrento:

Tanti auguri a me!


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