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Love this duck

How adorable is this vintage ceramic duck? My mom brought it for me when she was here was visiting last month. It was my grandma’s and I love it.  It’s perfect to hold butter, so I keep it next to the toaster. It brightens up the stainless steel toaster.

Well, actually, I was keeping it next to my toaster, until my Bimby arrived!  Now I have my KitchenAid, toaster, and Bimby lined up like little kitchen soldiers. And the duck’s new place is currently next to the Bimby.  I’m still getting used to having so much on that one counter. I may have to rearrange. We’ll see.

So, “What is a Bimby?” you ask.  It is the most amazing kitchen appliance in the whole world.  My mother-in-law swears by it; and she sent it to me.  The Bimby can cook just about anything, from cappucini to pasta alla breschamella.   It came with this giant cookbook, and I can’t wait to start experimenting. But I’ll have to wait until my power transformer arrives.  This appliance isn’t for sale in the U.S., so it requires a transformer.  It turns out none of the stores in Ames carry 220/110v power transformers so I had to order one from Amazon.  It should be here in a few days.  And I can’t wait!


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