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Thanks, baby

At 13 months, Paolo talks, but not in a language that we can really understand. It may be his own little combination of Italian and English.  He doesn’t really say anything that means anything in either language.

In fact, every time that we try to coach Paolo to say “Mamma,” he responds by shouting “DADDADADADA!” And then he laughs manically.  Really, he laughs his little head off.  Giuseppe thinks it’s absolutely hilarious. Me, less so.

To my delight, “Dada” doesn’t really mean anything in Italian.  Giuseppe refers to himself as “Papa`.” So I  just keep telling myself that Paolo doesn’t know what he is saying.

But let’s face it. We live in America, and I am absolutely sure that Paolo knows exactly what he is saying.  Little meanie.

At least he gives me lots of little baby kisses on the reg.


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