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Be mine

On Valentines Day, Giuseppe and I had our first date night since Paolo was born. 

Yesterday was a holiday, so on Sunday, we were able to go out for dinner and movie.   It was very difficult to voluntarily leave the little one. Going to work is one thing, as it is a neccesity, but it is a whole different ball game when you choose to go out.   That said, I am still glad we went out. It felt so strange to be out with only my husband, but we did need it.  A little alone time is always healthy. (And it helps that Nonna Lidia was there to take care of lil P.)

So on Sunday night, I bathed and fed the baby, put him to sleep and then got all dressed up.  Giuseppe wore a suit and I was reminded that my hubby is a hottie!  We went out for sushi, and it was delicious! I actually ate slowly and truly enjoyed everything we ordered: we were at the restaurant for almost three hours.  We then went to the late showing of “It’s Complicated,” which was fabulous. I love Alec Baldwin, and anything with Meryl Streep is usually a must-see.  And then there was John Krasinksi, who is adorable.  (He actually reminded me of Giuseppe in this movie!)

We got home around one o’clock.  (!)  And then we were up for most of the night….Paolo decided that if we were going to leave him, he was going to make us pay.  So he was awake for most of the night.  Lovely.  Again, I was very glad that yesterday was a holiday.  (I may not have made it through the day at work.)

Happy Valentines!


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