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Co-sleeping (still)

Despite our attempts to have Paolo sleep on his own, he is still in our bed. It seems that, in the battle of wills, he has won.  He pitches a fit when we go anywhere NEAR his crib and REFUSES to sleep. Yes, REFUSES to sleep in his crib.

(And we are not taking light fussing or 15 minutes of crying. He has declared ALL OUT WAR on his crib by SCREAMING at the top of his lungs.)

So, the Pack-N-Play is back up in our room, and sometimes Paolo will sleep in it. But mostly, he prefers to stay nestled between Giuseppe and I.

It’s not that I mind co-sleeping. In fact, I really like it.  Giuseppe and I both love having our little schnuggly man near us at night. And it is so much easier when Paolo fusses at night. I don’t have to get up and rock him and/or walk him around until he falls asleep. He just snuggles up and dozes right off….

But I just think that Paolo needs to know how to sleep in his own bed, especially at nap time.  Nap time is definitely safest in the crib, as he can’t roll out of it or crawl off…

I’m also reluctant to respond to Paolo’s battle cry when we are leaving for Italy in two weeks and then his world will be turned upside down for an entire month. Is it really worth the hassle and the trauma?  I may just give up completely until we get home and lay down new ground rules when we return.

Also, to be honest, as it turns out, I’m not the type of mamma who can let my baby cry it out. I’ve given this “sleep training” a solid week, and it is just not working. (Well, not a consecutive week.)  And it feels so wrong.  I spoke with my pediatrician about it and he said that I shouldn’t let Paolo cry it out until I feel emotionally ready.  (He joked that the real cure is to have baby #2 so that I don’t worry so much about Paolo.  But it’s a little bit early for that…) He also informed me that it is important to have Paolo in his own crib by the time his is 18 months old, or we will have a family bed until P is about five years old. Which means will still have a little time left to schnuggle.

Which is good news. At least for now.


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Yesterday we drove down to the Temecula Valley for a day of wine tasting.  I had no idea how gorgeous Temecula is.  With the rolling hills and beautiful vineyards, it was even slightly reminiscent of Italia.  The drive was not too far, about an  hour and half south, which was manageable with the baby. Lucky for us, the car usually puts him right to sleep.

We stopped at two vineyards:  Ponte Winery and Leonesse Cellars.  At the Leonesse Cellars, we did the full formal wine tasting.  While the grounds were gorgeous, the wine was a bit disappointing. It was not bad, but the wine was kind of bland.  The scent of the wine was definitely more exciting than the taste, although the 2007 Syrah was by far my favorite.   But then again, I am not exactly an expert.  I’ll take a simple Chianti any day over a fancy bottle.


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