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Complemese, Hawaiian style

Today, Friday, June 11, 2010, my little Paolo turned eight months old.  I could go on and on about how big he is (last time we checked he was at about 21 pounds!), just how much I can’t believe that he is already eight months old (it’s crazy!), and so close to turning one year old (in only four months!), but I will refrain.

It is so cliche` yet so true: They grow so quickly!

We are still living it up in Hawaii.  This morning, Justin, Paolo, and I drove over Kailua to do breakfast with Abby and little Harrison.  It was, as always, so much fun to see them.  Here the babies are last week, when we had dinner at Buzz’s; they are totally going to be buds:

How cute are they?

After breakfast, we came home. Paolo spent the afternoon playing with all of the toys from JoJo and BoBo, while I worked on my computer, sprawled on the same blanket.  After a long nap, the entire Main clan decided to head out for a nice dinner to celebrate Paolo’s eight-month-old complemese.

Well, mostly, we wanted to go out for a nice dinner, so we did.  The entire Main clan dined at Roy’s at Ko Olina. It was absolutely divine.  I think Paolo enjoyed himself.  I sure did. I especially enjoyed the fruity cocktails. I have never been much of a cocktail girl; I usually prefer a dry glass of wine or a crisp beer.  There is something about Hawaii that is bringing out the cocktail in me; I am totally loving them!

Here’s to my sweet baby!


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Paolo and I arrived to the Land of Aloha on Wednesday night.  And we are loving it. So far, our days have been filled with sunny walks, yoga classes, beach days,  lounging at the baby pool, and dear friends.  It is glorious.  Did I mention how smitten Paolo is to have his JoJo, BoBo, Uncle Zack, and Uncle Justin at his beck and call?  (Never dare to use the G-word in this family; as my parents put it, “We are too young to be called that.”)  He is going to be bored to have only me to play with when we go home to the Midwest.

I lived here when I was a little girl, and I have been back to visit several times in the past 15 or so years.  I know that this place is gorgeous, but every time I visit, I am so taken with its beauty.  Here’s to two more weeks of sun and aloha.

(Photos to come.)

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Paolo and I are headed for a vacation in Paradise next month.  We fly to Honolulu on June 2nd and will stay for about three weeks.  My parents are so excited to see the baby, whom they have not seen since they came out for his Baptism in January.  (Well, my mom hasn’t seen Paolo since then. Dad came out to California on business in March and stayed with us for the weekend, which was fun.)  It will be a great trip; we always have an amazing time when we are in Hawaii. Here is a family photo from last Thanksgiving, when we celebrated my dad’s retirement from the Navy and start of his new career with the Department of Defense in style with a giant party (complete with a DJ, Polynesian dancer, and photographer):

In this photo, Paolo is only six weeks old. It really is incredible how much he’s grown since then.  And it’s “incredible” how I am still NOT back to my pre-baby weight. It’s really annoying, but I am trying to accept that this is obviously a slow process for me.  I had hoped to be beach-ready this summer. But I’m not. So, instead, it’s time to be creative.  I ordered a Magicsuit and cover-up from Victoria’s Secret Swim.  Oh how I hope it’s magical.  Hopefully it will make going to the beach a little less painful.  I mean this model looks like she’s having a grand time wearing this “magic” suit….But then again, there is not much to control on her 103-pound frame.  We’ll see how it works for me.

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