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Now that Paolo’s hand-eye coordination is improving, I decided to buy him the famous Sophie the Giraffe from Paris.   I have had my eye on it for awhile, but did not want to get ahead of myself with toys.  (And it is easy to go overboard with the toys, that is fo sho.) But oh. My. Goodness.  He loooves it.  When I sit the little giraffe in front of him, he immediately goes for her, usually kissing/biting/slobbering on her head.  Then he picks her up and tries to eat her legs.  As he has begun the teething process, this all involves an incredible amount of drool.

The drool, oh the drool.  There are still no teeth to be seen, but this little guy drools everywhere.  All over his clothes, all over my clothes, all over his toys, all over his activity center, all over his car seat.  And all over his tummy time mat. (I love his tummy time mat. It is a little surf board with a little “aquarium” for him to look at and play with.)  And, of course, all over his arms. (Yes, he can almost fit his whole arm in his mouth.  Okay, maybe not his whole arm, but almost his entire fist.)

So, yes, Sophie the Giraffe is a hit.  It is actually the most perfect teething toy ever to be invented.  It is nice and light for Paolo to pick up and he can chew on every part of it.  And it’s a giraffe, so Giuseppe likes it.   Anything animal-themed is G’s favorite.  Even though we live in a little apartment with our medium-sized dog, I hear daily from my hubby how we should get another dog AND a cat, and possibly some turtles.  (Cat!? No way…especially with a new baby!) Which I think is great, but good gracious. Where would we put all of these creatures?  I suppose this is normal for a veterinarian….I just tell him that I think it would be best if we waited until we have a proper house with a yard.  But it is still a daily conversation.

The only problem with Sophie the Giraffe is her name.  We cannot have two Sofi’s in the house; it will only confuse the baby. I think we will have to stick to “Giraffie.”

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On my day off, we went to Babies-R-Us.  Which is my favorite store. Lucky for Giuseppe, I did not discover how delightful it is until I was nine months pregnant.  Imagine the damage I could have done to the limited space in our home and to our bank account had I been in their any earlier, with all of the nesting that was going on.

So, at Babies-R-Us, I wanted to, obviously, purchase the entire store. But I didn’t. I managed to refrain.  Instead I bought a big new Baby Einstein Activity Center for Paolo.  He love love loves it.  He squeals and coos and bangs on everything.  He is so over being reclined in his infant seat or swing during playtime, so this is perfect because he can “stand” up and play. And he can spin around and look at what’s going on all over the room.  It’s four-month-old baby heaven.


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