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Sweet potato

Since Paolo is six months old, all of my baby books have instructed me to begin introducing certain fruits and vegetables. Which is very bittersweet for me as his mamma.  It was hard enough to give him rice cereal; now vegetables and fruit!?  Where is the time going? He is getting so big, and is so curious about everything.  Anytime I have a glass of water, Paolo insists that I give him a sip from my glass. It is the cutest thing, watching him lap up a bit of water from my glass.  How is my little baby boy growing so fast?

Well, the other day, I decided it was finally time to introduce the first fruit/vegetable. I decided to go with a sweet vegetable: sweet potatoes.  As expected, he didn’t like it much:

This was his face for the entire ten minutes of my shoveling the bright orange pureed goo into his mouth.  While he didn’t smile much, he did eat it all, and has eaten every serving I have given him since. He still won’t really smile for me until I break out the oatmeal or a boob, but at least he ate his first veggies!  I think that pureed pear is next…Maybe he’ll like that a little better.


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Today I was looking at my little man thinking about how big he has become.  It is incredible. His legs have become so long that when I feed him, he can wrap himself around my body.  Which is a far cry  from my days of snuggling him up on top of the Boppy nursing pillow.  Now I think he’s bigger than that pillow!

Our little lovebug is six months old today!

Paolo is more indigenous than ever.  If you couldn’t tell from the photos, he love love loves to be naked.   It’s his favorite thing, ever. If ever he seems like he may be uncomfortable, bored, or fussy, if I strip him down, he is the happiest little creature you have ever seen. Paolo can chew on his toes and play with his feet, which I suppose is awesome for a baby.  The other thing he likes to do is chew on his thumb. Not suck on it, but chew it.  I think he is dying for some teeth to come out.

It is so strange that I can’t believe he is already six months old, but at the same time, it feels like he has always been a part of me.

Six months!  This month we have a lot of milestones to look forward to: introducing more solids, sitting up alone, maybe he’ll say “mamma,” more rolling over… I mean, he is a genius baby after all.  (I know, I know. I must be the only mother on the entire planet who thinks her lil’ babe is amazing. Hah.)


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