Giuseppe and I welcomed our little one to the world on October 11th, 2009 at 2:49pm. And it is true: I think he is the most beautiful, perfect baby in the entire world.  My new favorite hobbies are playing with/singing to/taking naps with/schnuggling my little Paolo.


My name is Brook.  My husband, Giuseppe, and I are expecting our first child.  I have decided to join the infinite ranks of bloggers, as it seems a blog is a great way to stay connected both with our loved ones and hopefully other moms and moms-to-be.


Sorrento 2007

Sorrento 2007

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  1. Brook-
    The journey of motherhood can never be described by another. The only thing I can say is…”enjoy the journey.”

    I wish for your more children and weather they be boy or girl they will have picked a great family.
    I can tell you that Paolo will be a family oriented and caring boy/man. My sister (aka. best friend) birthday is October 10th…and she is all that an more.

    Good luck on the move to IOWA (I a;so think it should be in all caps too.)

    If you you are every heading the way of Philly you need to let me know!

    • babyandsofia

      You are too sweet. Motherhood really is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I love it.
      We are finally here in IOWA and it is actually going pretty well. The grass is already green and the trees are budding, so I am pretty happy. It is quite a change, but will be a new adventure! YAY Libras!

  2. Hey Brook,
    I loved reading your blog. You have a beautiful family and your posts are great!
    My name is Corina McCoy. I am the blogger from Money Momma Blog. I write posts on financial matters affecting women. You can check it out at http://moneymommablog.com/
    I just wanted to say hi and and wish you luck with the success of your blog.
    Corina McCoy

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