Today Paolo is 16 months old.  We’ve spent the day at home just as we spend most of our at-home winter days: playing, cooking, and doing a few chores.  Lately, Paolo’s favorite thing is to stand on stuff. Any and everything. Tables, chairs, the sofa, toys….When I snapped this, Paolo was multi-tasking. We were dancing to salsa music and he was also reading his favorite book (“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”) while perched on his drum.

I must say, though, that this climbing/standing on/jumping off EVERYTHING is crazy.  I have to be on the constant lookout that P doesn’t climb on the dining table chairs which he uses to climb onto the table and/or into his high chair. Or climb onto the ottoman, where he will dance around until he falls or jumps off. The same goes for the sofa, our bed, and every chair/stool in the house.  And the toilets. It’s fun.  Well, it’s fun for Paolo, at least.

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  1. They give you a million little heart attacks every day, don’t they. Hang in there!

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