Best buds

I have to be honest. This winter weather has us a little cooped up lately.  This week has been pretty cold and icy; today, it’s snowing again.  On Tuesday I slipped and fell on the walkway while holding both Paolo and two bags of groceries.  That hurt, a lot. At least, besides Paolo, there were no witnesses. (And I somehow miraculously managed to have Paolo land on top of when I fell. Thank goodness.)  So, we stayed home on Wednesday while I babied my bruised hindquarters.  We got out yesterday for a little trip to the “mall.” (The term “mall” to describe the shopping center here is definitely a loose definition of the word.)  Regardless, we’re home. A lot.  Did I mention the cold, snowy, icy January we’re having?

At least Paolo has Sofia. He absolutely loves her.  Loves her.  He feeds her most of his meals and loves to play with her. Lately, he’s started to “cuddle” her. In fact, as I write this, he is sitting on the floor, under my desk, between Sof’s two front paws.  It’s really cute.  Here they are yesterday. Paolo was lounging with her while catching up on some reading.


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2 responses to “Best buds

  1. Lidia Dell'Anna

    Incredibile…quanto è cresciuto Paolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bellissimo!!

  2. Courtney

    more pics more pics more pics!!! 🙂 I cannot believe how big he is!

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