Already over it

Today I introduced Paolo to “Dora the Explorer.”  Normally, he watches a Baby Einstein video or some of the educational cartoons on PBS.  But today I have ruined it all. My little brother, Justin, gave us a subscription to Netflix for Christmas.  (Totally awesome.)  And my other brother, Zack, showed us how we can watch Netflix instantly on our TV using our Xbox. (Even more awesome.)  So, in my excitement, I thought Paolo would like to watch a new show.

Unfortunately, I chose poorly.  Well, Paolo didn’t think so.  He love love loved Dora The Explorer.  When the episode ended, he frantically signed “MORE”  and “PLEASE MORE” while following me around until I complied.  I don’t like Dora. The cartoon is weird and the voices are obnoxious.  If only Paolo felt the same way. He wanted to keep watching after the second episode, but I decided to put an end to the madness there.   I haven’t yet decided if I will ever allow Dora back into our living room. We’ll see.

In other, more exciting news, Paolo is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  ‘Nuff said.


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7 responses to “Already over it

  1. Mary Pat

    Hi Brook,
    Whatever you do, NEVER purchase a Dora book. The show is bad enough but I just cannot take reading the books. They are never ending. I used to skip pages when Maryn asked me to read one to her. For some reason, kids love Dora….

  2. Kim Ocampo

    Oh dear, Pandora’s box has been opened! (haha) No worries dear, Paolo will experience all types of shows that will peak his interest for sometimes brief, or even long periods of time. My children have had the same undying affection for The Wiggles since we routed Netflix through our TV. Ledger loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and sadly Barney. Jett loves everything trains. The good news is most of these programs offer good morale lessons and elementary learning skills. It’s better than letting him watch Jersey Shore right!?! HA! You’re doing great!

  3. Congrats on sleeping through the night! The Dora voice? You get used to it.

  4. jody main

    That is hilarious! I will have to watch and see if I can take it. I would listen to and watch anything as long as Paolo was curled up on the couch with me! I will try to remember to take MP’s advice and never buy him a book!! You have two cool brothers!!

  5. You’re so right… the voices on Dora are so obnoxious. And the worst part is, it’s interactive. There’s nothing worse than hearing “Swiper, no swiping” chirped in your ear at the crack of dawn.

    But on the upside, hooray for the sleeping through the night!

  6. Dora

    Ohhh no! Keep me posted. I won’t take your comment “I don’t like Dora” personally — I just want to know if I’ll be allowed in your living room! :-0

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