I’ve started to transition Paolo to one nap per day, and it is fabulous.  It gives our day such a nice rhythm.

We usually get up around 6am and have breakfast with Giuseppe before he heads out. Then we play and do chores around the house before heading out for a morning excursion.  (Music lesson, play group, trip to the market, library, etc.)  Then, we when come home, Paolo takes a REAL nap; which is one that lasts anywhere from one to two and half hours.  Which means I can actually get something done around the house, which is nice.

Here he is today, snoozing on the sofa.  He had started out in his crib, but Sofia woke him up barking. (Which was odd; Sofia never barks.) Anyway, he woke up and then fell right back asleep. He was sleeping so soundly that I couldn’t bear to move him.  Music class really took it out of him this morning!


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  1. Lidia Dell'Anna

    Guardandolo dormire, viene voglia di dargli mille baci…ma poi potrebbe svegliarsi!!!…ed è meglio che dorme!!ahahah!

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