On visiting Santa Claus

Paolo wasn’t into it.  He screamed and cried and did his best to escape when we went anywhere near Santa Claus.  But I was determined to have a photo with Santa this year. So Giuseppe and I were forced into the photo. It didn’t help that much, though, as Paolo continued to scream and tried to escape from the Scary Santa.  (Who was actually quite nice, especially considering the fuss that Paolo made!)

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One response to “On visiting Santa Claus

  1. Keane Family

    Oh how sweet is he, so very normal to be afraid of Santa. have you seen the photo book out with the hundreds of photos of kids screaming in santa’s lap. You all are too sweet in that Santa photo! Miss you so much! Thinking of our Christmas together last year and smiling. remember the fire place backing up and having to pen windows and wear hats and gloves! Too funny!

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