Yesterday Giuseppe announced that he does actually miss Italy, well Europe in general, and would like to someday return.

“Well, obviously,” you say.  Hah. If only. We moved to California just over two years ago and ever since Giuseppe has been proclaiming his eternal love for the United States.  When we were married three and a half years ago, I never thought that we would be moving away from Italy.  (I mean, I would never choose to leave. You know I’m obsessed with l’Italia!) Anyway, Giuseppe’s been pretty constant in his adoration for the U.S.  Which left me without hope of ever returning to Europe to live.  I had come to accept that I would have to quench my European nostalgia with annual vacations.

So, you can imagine my joy when Giuseppe stated that he would someday consider returning.  Who knows when, but at least the option is open, right? In the meantime, we will be enjoying this gorgeous Midwestern autumn.


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8 responses to “Finally

  1. liz

    I have found that you never say never. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new opportunity may very well await.

  2. Sylvia

    I hope this doesn’t raise Lydia’s hopes too much! He is here to get an excellent education and have the means to support his family in the way he would like to provide for them. There’s always “Little Italy” in San Francisco and many other great towns…I don’t want to lose you to Italy!

    • We miss you, Syl! How are things? We need to catch up. For now, and the semi-distant future, the States is definitely the place for Giuseppe and his career. Let’s chat soon. xo

  3. Life is full of possibilities!

  4. You are the cutest transient family I have ever seen.

  5. katty carbone

    Unbelievable! I would have definitely not guessed that! Good news, though. So, we await with open arms! 🙂

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