A few weeks ago, I signed up Paolo for a music class.  We meet every Tuesday, and he loves it.  There are about a dozen other babies with their moms/nannies/grandmas and we sing, dance, play with instruments, and learn basic sign language. It’s fabulous.

The teacher has a little baby doll that she uses to model the activities.  Paolo is a busy baby, and spends a large portion of the class crawling around and exploring the classroom.  And it turns out that he love love loves to play with the baby doll that the teacher uses. Watching him, I realized that he doesn’t have a baby doll and decided that he definitely needs one to play with at home.  The music teacher’s baby doll is African-American.

After music class, we headed straight to the store to buy Paolo a baby doll. And I definitely wanted to purchase him a brown baby doll. I mean we live in Iowa, where almost everyone is white. We need to try to incorporate a little color in our life. I mean besides Justin, the people in our Iowa life are pretty pale-skinned. I know a doll won’t change much, but it can’t hurt, either.

So, we went to Wal-Mart (there’s no Babies-R-Us in Ames) because they have a HUGE toy department.  And a huge aisle of baby dolls.

And get this: NO BROWN BABY DOLLS. That’s right, not even one. NONE.

I was absolutely appalled. I almost complained to the management, but then decided that a well-written letter to the Wal-Mart Headquarters would be more effective.  I’ve not yet heard back, but I will keep you posted.



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2 responses to “Appalled

  1. I live in a fairly white community as well. Aside from my son’s “Little Bill” doll, I think most of the baby dolls in our house are light skinned. I’m going to look the next time I’m in the toy aisle because now I’m curious. It’s funny because even though I have 3 kids, I rarely purchase toys for my children because they get so many as gifts from other people. I’m curious as to Walmarts response, keep us posted.

    • You know, Poppy. I rarely buy toys for Paolo, either. He has already received so many as gifts and I really try to not over-do the whole toys thing. So when I went looking for this baby doll, I couldn’t believe it. Our community is pretty white, but that is really no excuse. It’s pathetic that ALL of the baby dolls were white. I mean, come ON.

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