Review: Christmas

With Halloween right around the corner, I don’t usually begin my Christmastime preparations. This year I was jump-started into the holiday season when I heard from Christmas  A representative dropped me a note, asking if I would like to take a look at their selection of Christmas ornaments.  I love love love anything related to Christmas (just like Buddy the Elf, and yes, that is one of my favorite holidays movies) and was more than happy to browse their website.

The selection was comprehensive; I found ornaments for virtually every style of decor and occasion.  I even found ornaments to fit my personal Christmas style. I decorate principally with blues, silver, and white.  (I guess, with my color theme, it seems like we actually celebrate Chrismakkah.)  My tree is usually done in a seashore theme, with seashells, stars, and white lights.

Although I must admit that over the past few years I’ve done well and branched out with ornaments that do not necessarily fit into that category, but still “blend in” with my Christmas palatte.   I’ve even incorporated some more traditional Christmas decor, at the request of my husband; last year I ordered monogrammed stockings for all three of us in red and green.   (I know, right? The things you’ll do for love.)

While browsing through Christmas’s selection, the Noah’s Ark ornament basically jumped off the screen. How darling this little work of sparkly art?  It not only is a beautiful Christmas ornament, it’s blue and sparkly. Also, animal-themed items are definitely important in this house, as Giuseppe has dedicated his career to taking care of animals.  I was so happy when the Christmas sent me the ornament for our tree this year. In person, it’s even more adorable.

If you are looking to add any fun ornaments to your tree this holiday season, or are looking for a new, fun gift to give, definitely stop by  The selection will not disappoint.


*** Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this review; I did not receive any monetary compensation.  This review is a reflection of my opinion and experience only.



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2 responses to “Review: Christmas

  1. liz

    There really is a website for everything, isn’t there. 🙂

  2. Yes, there really is. Now that we live “in the country,” I couldn’t be happier that I can find nearly everything online!

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