Razor sharp

Paolo had a little surprise for me yesterday morning.  During his morning nursing session, I quickly learned that he is starting to cut his first tooth.

I should have been tipped off by his crazy behavior on Friday night. We were at our favorite pizza place (Side bar:  Ames has a FABULOUS napoletano-style pizzeria, Vesuvius.  The wood-burning oven was imported from Italy and the cuisine is superb: simple, fresh, and delicious.  We are positively addicted.) for dinner. We were enjoying our delicious meal of insalata caprese, pizza margherita, and a beautiful Italian chianti, while we were waiting for the live music to start.

Paolo had a whole different plan. He usually likes to go out with us.  I mean, we go to kid-friendly places that are usually loud enough where he can make noise without disturbing anyone.  And he entertains himself by trying to new food and then throwing most of it on the ground, drinking from grown-up cups, and just playing with whatever toys I bring along.

Well, not on Friday.   He was not interested in eating, drinking, or playing. Only shouting and banging the table.  So we lasted about 30 minutes before we called it a night and came home.  Then, after a fitful night of sleeping, Paolo woke up hungry.

That’s when I discovered the new tooth!  I tried to take a photo, but I quickly realized that would be impossible.  It has barely cut the surface and is razor-sharp.  I’ve spent the past two days training Paolo how to not bite me, and I think it’s working.  I’m so excited for my little guy, his very first tooth!  I just hope the discomfort of this tooth passes quickly: we leave for our trip to Italy in just a few days.


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9 responses to “Razor sharp

  1. liz

    it’s always nice to have an explanation for the craziness!

  2. Jenna

    two words: baby orajel

    trust me on this!

  3. Awwwww!! First new tooth. So sweet. I remember those days! You know what really helped us? Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets. They are like gold! Check them out. THey even taste good so kids like to take them unlike some other teething gels and stuff which my kids would never even open their mouth for. HAve a super trip!!!!

    • You know, I have the teething tablets and I agree: they really help! Paolo takes them no problem and they do seem to have a slight calming effect on him. I still need to pick up some baby Orajel, and everyone recommends it, but I’m not sure he’ll be down for it. We’ll see!

  4. My kids were always miserable when cutting teeth. I found that a cold wet (half frozen) wash cloth was their favorite thing to chew on while teething.

  5. We use teething tablets also for my daughter. She doesnt mind oragel but my nephew would cry and throw a fit cause it was too strong for him. The tablets work well enough.

    I do sometimes give her some infant tylenol or infant motrin before bed just to help her sleep a longer stretch. Otherwise she wakes every couple of hours crying 😦

    As for the biting, Isabella has two bottom teeth and the two top teeth are starting to descend as well. She however doesnt ever try to bite until the end of a nursing session when she is full and starting to play. She will bite gently and then look at me to see if I noticed. I give her a firm no (and try not to smile cause she is a goofy girl) and see if she still wants to eat. If she does it again she is done nursing. She’s never bitten me hard so I think this works pretty well.

    Ive read the only time babies really try to bite is at the end of a nursing or if you arent paying attention to them while nursing (multitasking). Its kinda impossible for them to bit while sucking so at least thats some good news!

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