Why am I even admitting this?

I’ve never been much of a TV person.  I mean, we watch television, but we don’t watch anything religiously.  And if I really like a program, we usually watch it like a movie by watching it on DVDs…

But then when I was on bed rest and when Paolo was a little tiny baby, I definitely had a thing with Law & Order. I think I’ve seen ALL of the ‘Special Victims Unit’ episodes.  It’s incredible: at any time, on any day, there is Law & Order somewhere on TV.

I still wouldn’t call myself a TV person. We’ve never sprung for a new television set; currently, we have my parents’ old TV.   You know, one of those big ass TVs that weigh about 100 pounds. Seriously. I can’t move or lift it. We are not anti-eletronics, I mean we have other various normal electronics in good condition: nice MacBooks, digital camera, video camera, etc.  But we just didn’t see the sense is spending all kinds of moolah on a TV when we already have big ass one that work just fine.  So we will watch this until it dies, which, hopefully, will be in the very distant future.  (Thank you again, Mom and Dad! We love this TV!)

I’m going to get back on topic now.  I have always hated reality TV.  Or so I thought. I thought that reality TV was only those awful shows like the Bachelor, Survivor, American Idol, etc.  I know. I strongly dislike American Idol. I watched one of the first seasons in college with my roommates. That was PLENTY for me.  Never watched it again. (Although I do LOVE Jennifer Hudson post-Idol. I think she is amazing.)

As it turns out, there is another type of reality TV that I find oddly addicting.  The celebrity/follow crazy people around kind.  As painful as it is for me to admit, I love the Kardashians.  And I love Teen Mom. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not sure. But they are so incredibly entertaining. I would so be friends with Kourtney. And Kris Jenner is nuts-o, but in a good “mamma bear” sort of way. And Robert really is such a little brother.  But I love them all.  And those poor girls on Teen Mom. I just hope their babies will have a trust fund from MTV.

(I even had an affair with the Hills for awhile. But I gave that one up. )

Okay, I love these shows, but I don’t watch them religiously. I just like to have them on sometimes when they are re-running.  It’s great entertainment.  I don’t know what has happened to me.  Maybe the lack of sleep is has dulled my senses.

Actually, I’m sure that it has. I don’t know know that I’ve slept for more than four-hour stretch in about a year.

And tonight I discovered another train wreck of a show. Kirstie Alley’s My Big Life was on Lifetime. We were channel surfing (looking for Law & Order, what else) when we found it. We watched one episode and I was totally into it. I mean I love Kirstie, but she really seems to have lost some of her marbles. She does have a zoo. And she really is quite overweight.  I thought that tabloids had blown it out of proportion. Nope, they’ve been right on.  I would have watched another episode, but Giuseppe turned it off.  At least he has some self-control when it comes to this sort of thing.  I definitely do not.

I’m not even sure why I am admitting this. I mean, I feel that as an educated mother, I should be watching more PBS and less Chelsea Handler.  But this way is so much more fun.


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10 responses to “Why am I even admitting this?

  1. Jenna

    I have the same problem! And with those shows no less. I don’t know what it is that makes me so excited to watch them, maybe because the drama is in their life and not mine? Whatever it is… I appreciate it. It is nice to space out from reality for a while watching some silly show

  2. liz

    Ha! It IS so much more fun! No reason to be ashamed. 🙂

  3. Mary Pat

    I am right there with you! Add Intervention and Obsessed to your list…people in horrible situations who you hope will be ok in the end. This year I got sucked into the Bachelorette which is soooo embarrassing to admit! I do like The City on MTV too. I think these shows are so entertaining because they are real people (sort of) and the shows are usually just 30 minutes long (quick). I won’t admit to any of this in public, only on your blog! ha ha.

    • I do agree. I love that the shows are only 30 minutes long, which really is about 10 minutes of actual reality footage. And yes! Intervention. That is onDemand. Which made it really easy to get sucked into!

      I’m sure Mom is so proud of this little “Mommy Confession” of mine!

  4. Sylvia

    Even with age you don’t learn to avoid the TV.
    One channel Paul and I always seem to agree on is HGTV’s programming. Whether it is House Hunters, House Hunter’s International, Designed to Sell, Curb Appeal, you name it and we can roll with it for hours! So I share your shame!

  5. I’m a sucker for reality television (okay any kind of TV, actually). You’re so right… they are a complete train wreck. Once you get hooked, it’s impossible to look away!

    • You are so right. They are positively addicting. I can’t pry myself away once a show has started. I try to hide it by pretending like a I’m getting laundry done or something while it’s on. But who am I kidding? We all know it’s a charade!

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