And… he’s off!

We had another momentous day in the Dell’Anna Family History. Yesterday, Saturday, August 14, Paolo started to CRAWL.

I know, I know. He’s ten months old. All the other babies I know seem to be up and running when they are about three weeks old.  But according to my baby books, he is actually on schedule.  Phew.

And life as we know it is forever changed.

Paolo is now free to play with (read: TORTURE) Sofia, knock over all furniture weighing less than 40 pounds (which includes kitchen chairs and bar stools), pull all the books off of the lower bookshelves, and well, you get the idea. This morning he started opening bathroom cabinets.  And he is one happy baby. He was dying to get moving.

It is time to babyproof.


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8 responses to “And… he’s off!

  1. Cristiana

    Ok Brook, I think you should write a book!! miss u all!! …and bravo Paolino!!

  2. amyge

    How fun Brook! I am actually a fan of moving children. Less frustrated baby and finally mobility to entertain themselves rather than depending on mama for all the fun : )

    Hope it goes OK!

    • Hey Amy! I know, I love it. It is so much fun. And he is so super duper happy. He’s into everything, but he is just loving be able to get around, especially to “play” with Sofia.

      How are you doing? I would love to see a bump pic!


  3. liz

    maddie was 9.5 months before she crawled, and neither she nor Kate ever crawled the “normal” way, so don’t sweat it! paolo is just fine!

  4. jody main

    It was so cute, yesterday he was crawling right towards the computer while Gsep and the boys and I were skyping. Gsep had the computer on the floor so it looked like this big baby crawling into the computer. He was so adorable and so proud of himself!

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