Complemese/Still flooded

Paolo is officially a double-digit midget.  In baby terms, anyway. Yesterday, Wednesday, August 11, 2010, our little man turned 10 months old.  He posed for me with one of his favorite toys: a noisy, old-fashioned spinning top that JoJo gave him during our trip to Hawaii.

Okay, seriously? Only two more months, and he will be ONE YEAR OLD.  Also, Paolo is becoming a crazy baby. I think that we will have our hands full very, very soon. His constant babbling has become much more communicative with great inflection; I wish I knew what he was saying, because it sounds hilarious.

He never, ever sits still and is constantly squirming out of my arms and rolling around the house.  It’s like he is going 100 mph. All. The. Time.

No, he still hasn’t mastered crawling. Mostly, he scoots, rolls, and wiggles around.  Today, though, he really started pushing up on all fours.  Which means I may be forced to take some real steps in babyproofing the house.  We’ve plugged up the electrical sockets, but I need to reposition many power cords and many heavy books on the lower portion of our bookshelves. I also think that some cupboard locks and toilet seat lockets are in order.  I may be able to stretch this out until we return home from Italy. At least I hope.  I’ll keep you posted.

And oh, how’s the flooding, you ask?  Still flooded. And our water is still contaminated.  It didn’t rain last night or day, but, apparently, it’s supposed to rain beginning late tonight through late Saturday night. Which means that the cornfields will be completely submerged.  (Right now, we can only see the tops of the corn in the flood zones.)  As annoying as the flooding is, what with the contaminated water, no laundry, limited showers, no dishwashing, etc., I must say that we have been very fortunate. We do not live in a flood zone, so we have not sustained any damage and Giuseppe has been able to drive to the vet hospital every day.   Which is much better than the state of affairs in most of Ames.  I really hope this flooding business clears up soon.


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