We are on Night No. 3 of crazy thunderstorming weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great thunderstorm. In fact, I consider it one of the pluses of living in the Great Midwest.

Crazy thunderstorms do not, however, mix well with sleeping babies. ¬†Especially when we are trying to do some “sleep training” with Paolino.

Which means none of the Dell’Anna clan has gotten any sleep for three nights.


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4 responses to “Thunderstorms

  1. liz

    That’s too bad! do you use a white noise machine or anything for his nursery?

    • I know, it is really annoying. It’s supposed to storm all night again tonight. I don’t have a white noise machine, but I play a lullaby/ocean waves cd all night. But the thunder is so loud that nothing could drown it out!

  2. This picture is so amazing, did you get this shot yourself? There was a really bad storm when we were home visiting as well and it was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip, lol.

    • Hahah. No the photo is not mine. But I do love a good thunderstorm, they are something that I have missed. They’re just very annoying when they constantly wake my little light sleeper!

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