Festa italiana

A little over a week ago, my brother Zack called me with the great news that he purchased tickets to fly out here to IOWA for Paolo’s first birthday.  Which is super exciting.

This also brought to my attention how quickly Paolo’s first birthday is actually approaching.  We leave for Italia in three weeks, where we will stay for a month.  (I am not sure I can aptly communicate just how excited I am for this trip; I miss Napoli every single day.)  Then, on our way back home, we are stopping in Baltimore for about five days.  When we land back in Iowa, Zack arrives that week to celebrate Paolo’s birthday.  So, I have to order all of my supplies, send out invitations, and plan menus and playlists before we leave for Italia.

Luckily, I came up with a fitting theme: una festa italiana.  I have reserved a giant pavilion, started designing the invites, ordered some supplies, and I have planned the menu.  (And I will be able to purchase food and wine in Italy to ship here for the event! It’s perfect timing, really.) We have also set aside soccer/rugby/bocce balls to provide activities other than drinking wine for our guests. I love a great party, and my baby’s first birthday is an incredibly momentous occasion that I cannot wait to celebrate.  And we really couldn’t be luckier to be in a place where we have so many relatives living near by. I really hope everyone will be able to attend.

(Dear Mains in Iowa: I will have the invites out in the mail in the next few weeks! I look forward to receiving your RSVP! xo)



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5 responses to “Festa italiana

  1. liz

    I didn’t realize you had some family in IOWA! that’s so great! And it’s so awesome your brother is coming! You have some exciting times ahead!

  2. baby&sofia

    Giuseppe was offered a position at Iowa, Kansas, and Oregon State Universities. One of the reasons that we chose Iowa, besides from the fabulous Vet Hospital, was because my dad grew up here and I have a slew of relatives in the area. (Dad has eight, yes EIGHT, sisters.) So it has been nice to be near his family, as I have never really lived in proximity to these relatives. I really hope everyone will be able to come to the party; it should be fun AND delicious.

  3. How exciting!!! One fun trip after another and then your baby’s 1st birthday. I remember when my first son Nino turned one. It was more important to me than any birthday I had ever had myself until then. I loved every minute of it. Congratulations on your baby being almost 1 year old! What an amazing year to celebrate! Have a great trip and we’ll look forward to hearing all the details when you return. Be safe! xoxoxoxo

  4. sadj bartolo

    Hey….. When will you be in Baltimore? We would love to see you if you have a spare minute.

    bob and sadj

    • Ciao! I would love to see you, too. And especially love to introduce you to Paolo. I will be in Baltimore during the last week of September. It’s mostly a working trip, but we should definitely try to meet up, at least for a coffee! I’ll keep you posted. xo

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