My little guy is growing up just too quickly. With our crazy move, I missed his formal six-month-old portrait session.  I was very disappointed in myself, but I do have a lot of adorable snapshots, so they will have to do the trick for the photo albums.

So I made up by scheduling portraits for this month.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  It was a little bit more difficult to pose Paolo, as he is now completely mobile and decides his poses. (Try keeping his little member hidden from the camera when all he wants to do is move around!  I think this was our last nudie portrait session.) The photographer was great; she was so patient with my little mover!

Here are a few of the portraits.  I posted a couple of repeats, but with different color treatments. I just couldn’t decide!

(P.S. Have you noticed that I am obsessed with baby portraits?)


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18 responses to “Portraits

  1. Tara

    He is SO adorable!!!!!

    • babyandsofia

      Oh, thank you! I (obviously) think so, too! He was hilarious today when we were trying to keep him still enough to get some decent shots. But it was fun, and I think they turned out okay!

  2. Grace

    Brook! How adorable are these pictures. He is handsome.

    • babyandsofia

      Grazie, Grace! It is so crazy that our adorable baby boys are practically the same age. It’s too bad that we don’t live closer together!

  3. liz

    Look out! Naked Paolo on the loose!

    • babyandsofia

      No kidding. He was a wild man during this shoot. I’m just glad we got a few shots in which he was not flashing the camera with a giant smile on his face. It’s like he knew we were trying to hide his goods and was going out of his way to make it a challenge for us.

  4. Lidia Dell'Anna

    Sono così orgogliosa di essere nonna di un bimbo così bello!!!
    Grazie Brook e grazie Giuseppe!

  5. Naked baby pics are my favorite because when else can you get away with it and it’s still adorable. He is such a handsome boy!

    I did naked baby pics of both my daughters around 6 months, but totally forgot my sons. I did it when he was around 11 months, but he wouldn’t cooperate and kept flashing the photographer his junk instead of his cute little bottom 🙂

    • baby&sofia

      Ha! That sounds like Paolo. He was showing off, so we had to be quick to snap the photo when he wasn’t flashing the camera.

      I think we’ll wait for his next shoot for his first birthday, and I’ll probably just put him a diaper for that. I am going to bring a cake to the studio and let him dig in for the shoot. But I need to find a birthday theme…any bright ideas?

  6. AWWW! I love 2, 4, and 8.

  7. Oh my!! What a little heartbreaker. And oh how I love nudie baby photos too. They are just too adorable. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • baby&sofia

      You are too kind. Aren’t nudie baby portraits the best!? (They are the only kind my little one has had so far. ) I love them!

  8. Sylvia

    He is such a cutie! I have naked pictures of my sons too! It is great now… He will be embarrassed later!

    • baby&sofia

      Haha….I was thinking the same thing. In fact, they will be hanging on a wall in our home for years to come! We miss you all, Sylvia! I hope all is well in gorgeous southern California. xo

  9. How darling! No wonder you’re obsessed! How will you ever choose?

    • baby&sofia

      I have a real problem. I actually bought the rights to all of the photos because I just couldn’t decide. I have already ordered several prints of each. Mind you, we currently live in an apartment, so I don’t even have the wall space to hang them without our living room turning into a weird naked baby shrine. And this is his fourth formal portrait session in his nine months of life. I know, I know.

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