Summertime/Winter anxiety

What is it with summertime that is goes by so quickly?  Tomorrow is August 1st. How is that even possible?  It’s been a super busy summer, with all of the traveling and guests that we’ve had, but it still doesn’t feel like August yet.  Which means I really have only one month of real summer left here in IOWA.  We’ll spend September in Italy (which will be absolutely glorious) but then we will be back and it will be the autumn.  (And then… the dreaded WINTER.  Oh gosh.  There will be snow and ice and a deficiency of sunshine.)

AND, the week we arrive home from Italy, it will be Paolo’s first birthday! Yikes!  Doesn’t seem possible. I can’t really wrap my mind around that one.

I have to start thinking about his first birthday party.  Maybe a sailboat/nautical theme….But I am open to ideas, so please send me some!


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4 responses to “Summertime/Winter anxiety

  1. liz

    You will enjoy Fall, though. And have fun party planning!!

  2. jody main

    I have the perfect idea for Paolo’s first birthday. Come to Hawaii and we will celebrate Hawaiian style and throw a luau for him!

    • babyandsofia

      Oh that would be fun. But can you imagine the jet lag? Italy to Hawaii is TWELVE time zones. I am not sure I could handle that with Paolo! xo

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