Terzo anniversario

Today, June 29th, 2010 is our third anniversary of wedded bliss.  I thought I would commemorate with a photo montage of sorts.  I don’t get carried away, ever… And just think, these are a fraction of the photos that I wanted to post!

(These photos of us and our 200 and some guests were snapped by our “paparazzi” at my parent’s home in Naples, at the church where we were married AND Giuseppe was baptized as a baby {La Chiesa dell’Annunziata: a church where I agreed to married before I had even seen it, lucky for me, all churches in Italy are GORGEOUS!}, and at the beach club in Lago Patria where our reception was.  We have hundreds (thousands?) of photos; I just grabbed a few fun ones!)


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6 responses to “Terzo anniversario

  1. Dania

    These pics bring tears to my eyes…what a beautiful bride!
    CONGRATULATIONS, to one of my most favorite couples!!!!!!

  2. liz

    Amazingly beautiful wedding! Truly!

    Happy 3rd anniversary!

  3. Wow! Truly beautiful. All of it. Love your shoes, beach shots, and the pic of you releasing the sash. What a treasure. Happy anniversary! June is such a popular anniversary month, but it truly is a great month to get married!

  4. These are fabulous! I can see why you would have thousands.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Wow!!! You guys are just gorgeous and your wedding photos are incredible!!!! I esp. love the ones running on the beach and the one of you flinging the fabric into the sky. What a beautiful couple and what a happy day! Happy anniversary.

  6. How beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

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