“This just won’t work. He’s walking on his tips!” Giuseppe stated, a bit exasperated.

We had Paolo test driving baby walkers at the store yesterday.  (Yes, we had to leave the MINI Cooper in Hawaii. Even disassembled, it wouldn’t fit into a luggage and it would cost $120 (!) to ship it to Iowa.  I cried when I learned that the beloved walker was staying in the Land of Aloha.)  These baby walkers are assaultingly ugly, but I am really left with no choice. I cannot find a decent-looking baby walker in the entire city.


After having stayed with my family for most of the month, Paolo has had a taste of the sweet life and now expects a full audience every minute, all day long.  He is used to five of us doting on him constantly, and, frankly, it’s a tough act to keep up on my own.  So, I was desperately in need of any and all baby entertainment on the market.  Let me just say, thank heavens for Baby Einstein videos and their blue sock puppets.

Hence the baby walker test driving.  I wanted to buy the collapsible walker, but as Giuseppe so aptly put, Paolo could only walk on his “tips.”  Tips being, his tip toes…obviously.  (I speak three languages: Italian, English, and Giuseppe.) So instead of the ugly collapsible walker, we purchased what is possibly the absolute ugliest baby walker ever to be put on the market.

Aesthetics aside, the baby walker is a-mazing.  Paolo loves it. And it gives me enough time to wash the breakfast dishes before dinner time.  Hopefully  now I can unpack our luggage sometime in the next week.


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4 responses to “Italianglish

  1. liz

    It’s so hard when they are spoiled and then need to re-enter reality in terms of attention paid to them.

  2. I hear you on the Baby Einstein videos. My boys 4 & 2 still like them. Francesco ask if he can watch the “baby songs” video.
    I love when you said, “(I speak three languages: Italian, English, and Giuseppe.)” that just cracked me up!

  3. I think I owned every Baby Einstein video out there when my boys were babies. And I’m with you also on the walker. I even had an exersaucer in the bathroom just so I had somewhere to put them while I took my relaxing 2 minute shower, oh, every week or so. Haa!

    • babyandsofia

      Oh my gosh. That is so funny. I keep his exersaucer in my bathroom so I can take a shower! He has kind of outgrown it, but it keeps him contained and happy for the occasional shower for me. It’s funny to hear that other moms do the same!

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