Shopping dates

Lots of moms take their babies on play dates.  Since Paolo is only eight months old, I am not yet technically obligated to do so. Instead, lately, I have been taking him on more fun dates, as in beach dates and shopping dates.  I mean, we are on a play date in spirit: getting out of the house, seeing other children, etc.

The other day I had some shopping to do here in the Land of Aloha, so I invited my dear friend Dania and her little man, Ryden. How cute are these two together? They are TOTALLY going to be buddies.


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3 responses to “Shopping dates

  1. Dania

    Thank you for getting me out of the house and sharing your gal-pal therapy with me. We’re really gonna miss you….wish you could move here *wink*wink*
    Love sharing mommy experiences with you!

  2. liz

    Yay for Paolo and his little buddies!

  3. They are just too cute for words.

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