Mini me

My parents are so absolutely thrilled that we are here.  Especially that we are here for three whole weeks.  And Paolo is getting his first real taste of what it’s like to spoiled by his JoJo and BoBo.  (Remember, that g-word does not exist in this house.)

A few days before we arrived, my parents asked me what kind of toys Paolo would like during our visit.  I suggested a walker or jumper.  I thought that this would be the best option as he could play in it and we could sit him in it for meals.  I had envisioned a lower-end Target purchase. I mean, we are only here for three weeks.

Oh no.  My Dad had a whole different thing in mind.  He found the deluxe baby walker.  It is a walker and a jumper.  And, it’s a mini MINI Cooper. (Remember, I am having a love affair with my real MINI Cooper. It’s only fitting that Paolo does too.) The body of the car is bright yellow with black racing stripes. It has a black leather driver’s seat, rear view mirrors on both sides, a steering wheel, horn, and light-up music buttons on the wheel.  Even better, the entire “dash board/hood” lifts to reveal a high chair-like tray.  So when he’s sick of the car toys, I can load him up with other toys.  Not to mention it is perfect for meal time.

Here he is this morning in his pajamas going for a morning joy ride around my parent’s living room. Have I mentioned how much he love love loves the camera?

This toy was only the beginning. The day after we arrived, my mom took us to Target. Where she proceeded to buy half of the toy aisle.  Paolo got singing books, an old-fashioned top (which is TOO cute), a plastic swimming pool for the yard, a ship with a million toys for the bath tub and pool, a Zany Zoo (again TOO cute), an alphabet-singing caterpillar… Need I go on?  Let’s just say that he is entertained.

When it comes to toys for their baby grandson, my parents’ motto is definitely “More is more. And better.”

(Side bar: For those of you who noticed the GLARING electrical sockets that are not yet plugged up with baby-proofing devices, not to worry: Paolo is not ahead in the crawling game.  Despite his daily crawling lessons, he still shows no interested in crawling or cruising.  So, no, those light sockets are not yet a danger to him. But we did tie up all of the cords to the blinds in the house, as he can get to those in his walker with his Go-Go-Gadget arms.)

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  1. liz

    that is SO cool! what little boy wouldn’t adore it?

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