What I learned this week

I spent the past week visiting various members of my ginormous extended family, from my Mom’s side. (My parents are both on the tail end of families with nine children.) My brother Zack, visiting from San Diego, arrived to Ames on Friday morning ready for our trip to Minneapolis. (After driving our MINI from San Diego to Ames, which he did in 26 hours.  He and a buddy offered to drive our other car here for us, so that we would not have to make two cross-country trips. We will be eternally indebted to them both. How awesome are they?)

So, on Saturday, we all (Giuseppe, Zack, Paolo, Brandon, Sofia, and I) drove up to Minneapolis for a visit.  We stayed there until Tuesday morning, when we headed up to the North Woods, where we have two cabins on a lake and more relatives.  We arrived back to Ames a few hours ago.

There will be photos to follow, but here is the shortlist of what I learned/remembered this week:

– Camp Snoopy is no longer Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America. Now it’s a creepy Dora-Land. But the rides are better. (Read: Scarier. And fun.)

– I am not sure I totally get the series finale of Lost. I am still thinking about it.

– Summer is hot in the Midwest. I am already becoming weary of being sweaty.

– Lakes are very refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed my dips in Moose Lake.

– Despite all of my efforts to lead a very green lifestyle, Nature doesn’t love me back.  I was continually attacked by mosquitos, spiders, and deer flies.  Chances are, if you were standing by me outside, the bugs didn’t bug you, as they were busy torturing me.

– Cousins are always a lot of fun. And my aunts and uncles are absolutely hilarious. (I spent the week laughing so hard I thought may’ve needed some laughter pads.)

– Minneapolis is always awesome, and so is the rooftop restaurant where we dined on Saturday night, Joe’s Garage.

– Zack likes beer and is always tons of fun on vacation.

– I have an amazing husband and I really miss him when we are apart.

– I have a very smiley baby.


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2 responses to “What I learned this week

  1. liz

    Glad you had such a good time! You are so sophisticated…I would have just called them pee pads. 🙂

    And 2 cross-country trips – WOW. I can see why you are indebted to them.

  2. Yes, unfortunately, you need DEET, nothing else will do, when it is summer in the midwest. Sounds like a good time though! Thank goodness for lakes. I have a small family so have no idea what that big of a family would be like!

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