Since last night, Paolo has been fussing and complaining a lot. And with good reason. His teething is in full force, and he has a runny nose and watery eyes. As Natalie puts it, this is the TRIFECTA OF CRYING. I could not have put it better. So we have treated him with the trifecta of baby medicine: teething tablets, tylenol, and lullabies.

My poor baby has never been sick before and he is really not liking it one little bit. Last night, he was so tired and uncomfortable last that he fussed WHILE he was sleeping. And then I spent a lot of time last night singing “Hush Little Baby,” which is his favorite lullaby in English.  Because he is congested, nursing is difficult. So on top of it all, he’s kind of hungry.  Luckily I just got him down for a nap, which he sorely needed after being awake all night.  I suppose that is my cue to brush my teeth and make some coffee while I can!



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4 responses to “Trifecta

  1. Kim

    Teething can be so pesky. We’ve found giving our little ones something to chew on during the day really helps bring the teeth to the surface. It also helps if the objects are cold. And stick a humidifier in the room with him while he naps. That, and a bit of saline solution in the nose (make sure to bulb syringe it out) will help with the congestion. Watch out for the Tylenol though. I saw there was a big recall on the children and infant versions.

  2. I’m sorry I wish I could make it sound better for you but I feel like teething never ends! And for the next two years, every ailment you’ll think, “Maybe he’s just teething???”

  3. Ugh what a pain. I hope those teeth make it in soon. My 2 year old is getting his 2 year molars. Feels like early teething all over again. 😦

  4. Kathryn

    When my sister was living in Egypt with a teething boy, her Egyptian friends kept trying to give him green onions to chew on. Cheri finally agreed, and Duncan became a happy boy with his onion. Apparently it has a numbing effect, they babes can’t really bite any of the onion off so they can’t choke, and its been around for centuries. Go figure. Good luck!

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