It’s springtime in Iowa, and everything is green and in bloom. The weather is nice and everyone seems to spend a lot of time outdoors.  It’s really been a nice couple of weeks out here.

The nice weather has also brought out all of the motorcycles.  There are a lot of motorcycles here. Not really a lot of Harley Davidson types, but a lot of the crotch rocket types. It’s really annoying.  To be honest, though, the drivers seem pretty decent, so I haven’t really minded them one bit out on the road. There is something else about them that is really annoying: No one wears a helmet here. Let me repeat. NO ONE WEARS A HELMET OUT HERE. What is the deal with that? I see cyclists wearing helmets. But not motorcyclists!

How is it NOT A LAW? I mean, it is 2010, right?  It’s basically a death wish to go out on your motorcycle without a helmet.  Are all these people suicidal?  Or should I be looking at this through a more Darwinian lens? If someone is so stupid to ride a motorcycle without a helmet…Need I fill in the blank?

Survival of the fittest, I suppose.



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3 responses to “Bothered

  1. Auntie Jackie

    We call them organ donors here in Iowa!!!!!!!!

  2. sadj bartolo

    I used to be a helmet Nazi with cyclists. Stopping people without helmets (esp ones riding with their kids) but I gradually changed to the Darwinian approach……

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