Tanti auguri a Giuseppe

Yesterday, April 30th, was Giuseppe’s birthday.  I know. Can you believe it? We practically share a birthday. At first it was romantic; now we just kind of steal each other’s birthday thunder.

Just kidding.  It’s pretty fun because we usually have a big party together.

Not this year, though.  It was another pretty regular day: Giuseppe went to the vet hospital while Paolo and I had an uneventful day, too.  Since we’ve just arrived to Ames, we don’t yet have any friends in town, which means no big parties.  Which is just fine; there is always next year!

So, instead, Paolo and I showed up at the vet hospital during lunch with some chocolate treats for Giuseppe to share.  I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting.  I found this yummy recipe for butter cream frosting here last week.  G was very happy: the treats were a hit.

When he returned home from the hospital, we had a romantic dinner at home.  All in all it was a very good day.

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One response to “Tanti auguri a Giuseppe

  1. Sylvia

    Brook, I am so sorry to have missed both your birthdays without a card or “Happy Birthday”.
    I so rarely spend time online messing about that I did not see these posts until May 7th! Tomorrow is Molly’s First Communion so the whole gang is headed to San Diego for the day. We send a photo…G looks very handsome with the shirt and tie on and baby Paolo on his arm. You are all “tanta bella” si?

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