“That lady is really, how do you say it, street raging,” announced Giuseppe today while we were driving in Des Moines.



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4 responses to “Italianglish

  1. That seriously made me laugh out loud! Love it! Say, I gave you the Life is Good Award!

    • babyandsofia

      He makes me laugh all the time, too! The nuances of language make for great comedy! Thank you so much for the award! YAY! It’s going to be my next post!

  2. Lovely to *meet* another lady in an international relationship. My sweetie is Japanese and we live in Chiba, Japan. Also have a bub close in age to yours- mine has just turned 4 months. Loved your sweet potato photo!

    I jumped over from Warsaw Mommy to Pampers and Pinot then onto here! Congrats on your awards.

    We have funny language exchanges all the time too- a couple months ago my husband mailed my phone while i was out doing the shopping to say the baby was “granky” -turns out he had heard me say to Noah “Are you cranky?” and “Are you grumpy” several times- and just merged them together!

    • babyandsofia

      Thank you for stopping by! Your little guy is so cute! It is so fun to meet other international families. And finding new, interesting blogs to read is exciting.

      Giuseppe word-merges, too. It is hilarious.

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